Best Budget Knives: Knives to get during the AliExpress Shopping Week Sale!

Friday, August 31, 2018

Knives to get during the AliExpress Shopping Week Sale!

Today is the last day of the AliExpress Shopping Week sale and a last chance to check out some of the knives sold on this site with significant discounts.
Please notice - many knives on this sale appear as if they don't have a lock in the seller's description, but in reality the pictures are edited because of the AliExpress regulations (selling locking knives is prohibited on the platform but if the lock is edited out it's apparently OK).

So, first of all - check out the Kizer AliExpress Store.

Many folks thought it is going to be a Kizer clone store, only to find out it the knives were 100% genuine and have great quality.
Usually prices are similar to US discount prices, but great deals also could be found there during this sale, especially on the budget Vanguard models.
Big plus is the free worldwide shipping, that could be specially attractive for non-US folks.
I already bought a few from them and can state these are genuine new Kizer knives (verified) and will be eligible for Kizer's warranty.

Other great offerings come from the TwoSun brand

These have become very popular lately, partly due to their newer futuristic (original) designs by Night Morning Design and Vitesse Design and partly due to the manufacturing quality, fit and finish.
TwoSun Knives are also available on Amazon.

Also - Check out the Venom 2 and other original design models from Kevin John.These are known for their exceptional fit and finish (highest level of CNC, materials and knife manufacturing in total).It really is a thing you need to try to understand. 

I'd also like to point out the X-750 knife X-650, great new offerings from the Yon Xanadu brand that have great price tag during this sale.

Happy shopping!

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