Best Budget Knives: Ganzo Firebird FH11 Unleashed - Moving Forward!

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Ganzo Firebird FH11 Unleashed - Moving Forward!

The newest model from Ganzo Firebird - the FH11 have been finally released to the popular Chinese platforms and I wanted to make a quick overview of the model once I got some info on it.

First of all I'd like to state I was really impressed by all the new features that Ganzo Firebird have implemented in the newer model and I believe I got a really good clue to why that was made possible.

Probably the most talked about attribute is the fact that this knife runs on bearings.
I mean Ganzo had numerous knives that had the same pivot system, but this is the first time their knife has the bearings+linerlock combo which is a niche they haven't operated in before, but they've apparently done a good job, as the action of this knife is on par with some of the other budget knives that run on SS bearings.

Next up we have the inset liners build, which I generally prefer over the regular "sandwich" construction as it makes the knife sit more comfortably in the hand (hand touches only one material), smoother surface (no gap at all between the materials) and it also makes the knife lighter (which is great because the liners aren't skeletonized).

Few more updated features include the exposed standoff for the lanyard (which I also prefer to the regular method cause less holes on a blade is generally better) and the deep carry pocket clip, which suspiciously reminds me of the one used by Ruike knives and other members of that group plus other Chinese factories.

And of course they use a new steel that they have never used before - D2 instead of their regular 440C on a drop-point style blade with a flipper tab thin stock and very decent thin grind.

The fact that so many features were updated in this one brings me to the idea that Ganzo have established a partnership with another factory that they have never worked with prior to releasing this model, and these are great news IMO as we could see more of these upgraded Ganzos with a budget price tag and all of our favorite features that we wished for so long to have in our affordable EDC users/beaters.

The knife comes in 3 color/scale options (black G10, blue G10 and CF laminate).

Blade Length: 3.46"/88mm
Overall Length: 8.2"/208mm
Blade thickness: 3.3mm
Weight: 3.95 oz/112g

Check it out here (PayPal friendly): Ganzo Firebird FH11 GearBest
Or here (Free worldwide shipping): Ganzo Firebird FH11 AliExpress
Cheapest so far: Ganzo Firebird FH11 on eBay

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