Best Budget Knives: Knives to get during the 11/11 AliExpress Singles Day Shopping Sale!

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Knives to get during the 11/11 AliExpress Singles Day Shopping Sale!

*Please notice that the AliExpress sale is now over and the prices for many of the recommended products have increased dramatically (up to 2X). GearBest and DHGate sales are still on.

The 11/11 AliExpress Shopping Sale have finally arrived and I'd like to show some of my picks to get during this awesome sale!

First of all - do you know why the Chinese call this the Singles Day Sale?
Well it is actually pretty simple - due to historical reasons there are a lot of single male folks in China and they needed a holiday to celebrate their pride in being single and the date (11/11) was chosen due to it being consisted of only singles ("1"s).

Please notice - many knives in this sale appear as if they don't have a lock in the seller's description, but in reality the pictures are edited because of the AliExpress regulations (selling locking knives is prohibited on the platform but if the lock is edited out it's apparently OK).

First of all - check out the Official Sanrenmu Store on AliExpress.

They have great selection of (mostly newer) knife models from one of the leading budget knife manufacturers in China.
The same factory also produces knives for several American brands (Spyderco, Kershaw), and also RUIKE, Real Steel, Boker+ and many others, so the quality levels of their products are amazing for the price.
They also have many products for sale in this sale, ship the products fast and have excellent customer service. 

Other Sanrenmu models are also available at Gearbest.

Another store that I recommend to check out on AliExpress is the 
 Tangram Knives Brand..
The budget subsidiary of Kizer Knives have followed their parent company and now also present their knives on the Chinese platform with lower prices and worldwide free shipping on most of their products.
They primarily make knives out of 440 Acuto steel from Japan, polimer handles (also aluminum) and the same awesome quality we already got accustomed to from Kizer's Vanguard series.
BTW - don't forget about the parent - 
 Kizer AliExpress Store., awesome prices and excellent service as well, plus some new models as well.

I'd also like to put a spotlight on one model that is sold at AliExpress - the relatively new and loved Ganzo FH11.
Now they have released an updated version with a reversible clip, so you could carry it on the left side as well, so managed to make it even better.
Definitely check it out, great low prices on it during this sale.

Other great offerings come from the TwoSun brand
These have become very popular lately, partly due to their newer futuristic (original) designs by Night Morning Design and Vitesse Design and partly due to the manufacturing quality, fit and finish.
TwoSun Knives are also available on Amazon.

Moreover - check out the Venom II and other original design models from Kevin John.These are known for their exceptional fit and finish (highest level of CNC, materials and knife manufacturing in total). It really is a thing you need to try to understand.

Other than that - GearBest also have a huge sale on this date, so might be worth it to check the knives they have on sale as well, especially the known and loved Ganzo, Sanrenmu and HX Outdoors models.

Happy shopping!

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