Best Budget Knives: Ganzo Firebird FH13 - New Steel Version of the FH11 + Design Origin (Premium Version) Found!

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Ganzo Firebird FH13 - New Steel Version of the FH11 + Design Origin (Premium Version) Found!

Hey guys, how are you?

This time a quick update about a new model from one of the most popular budget brands out there - Ganzo Firebird.
They've seen the popularity of the excellent FH11 model and decided to make a full stainless steel version of that knife with a few construction/finish changed as well.

First and foremost the biggest change is of course the lock - the linerlock was replaced by a steel framelock (which is safer, as it is supported by the grip of the user).
Another change is the blackwashed (black coated and then stonewashed) blade, hardware and pocket clip, making the appearance more "stealth" and discreet.
The thing that surprised me the most about it was the fact that they replaced G10 and steel liners with solid steel scales - the weight of the knife stayed the same and that is due to the internal milling that can be seen in the disassembled view:

So, it's not just a "face lift" of the same knife, but a different model altogether and one that is quite different in terms of style and materials (except the proven real D2 steel and the same bearings).
Worth checking out IMO.
The Ganzo Firebird FH13 is available here: Ganzo Firebird FH13 on AliExpress
               Or on GearBest (PayPal enabled): Ganzo Firebird FH13 on GearBest
                     Available on Amazon as well:  Ganzo Firebird FH13 on Amazon

And as a bonus: when the FH11 first came out it looked really familiar to me, like I have seen the exact same knife before.
After a bit of searching I found the one I had in mind - a knife known as the Lovocoo Harmonious:

This M390, titanium body and milled clip model appeared quite a while ago and is obviously the origin for the FH series from Ganzo.
The question of if it was a licensed design or a copy will probably remain unanswered, but if you want a premium version of the FH11/13 - it is also available.

Hope you enjoyed the post.

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