Best Budget Knives: Sanrenmu 9165 - Budget Slipjoint EDC Hall-of-Famer!

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Sanrenmu 9165 - Budget Slipjoint EDC Hall-of-Famer!

Hey guys, sorry for the long absence (had to deal with some life issues) but now I'm back, hopefully to full speed.

Today I will review a very interesting budget knife from the updated Sanrenmu brand - the 9165, which is a modern EDC full-size slipjoint.

It arrived ~month after the order date in a Sanrenmu branded cardboard box with paperwork and an extra safety pin.

What did I like about the knife:
- First of all the quality - fit and finish are on a very high level, like most of the newer Sanrenmu models. Plus it arrived shaving sharp.
- Materials: 12C27 blade (which I consider to be one of the best steel choices for budget EDC knives (Sup Kershaw and CRKT) as it keeps a decent edge and won't rust on you.
The G10 pattern reminds one that you find on Spyderco knives (coincidence? :) ) - provides good grip but won't tear your pants or hands. 
- Thin grind that is rarely found on knives in this price range (0.5 mm bevel and 0.6 on the very tip of the blade).
- Has a one-handed opening (dual-sided thumb studs) and one-handed closing feature (half stop - please watch the video down below for the demo).
- Safety pin - although this is a slipjoint, Sanrenmu have added a safety feature that allows effective lock of the blade to prevent it from closing on the fingers of the user (virtually turning it into a fixed blade).
The pin is stored inside the handle (at first glance it looks like another standoff) and is secured in place with a small wire spring that goes into a groove on the pin.
If moved to the hole in the front of the handle it locks the back spring and locks the blade.
Please watch the video below for the demo.
- The 9165 is thin, light (2.85 oz/80.8 g for 3.5"/92mm blade length)  and has a well functioning deep carry pocket clip that makes it easy to carry and get in and out of the pocket.
- Ergonomics are decent in my medium-sized hand, full 4 finger grip.

What I don't like:
- The back spring is relatively stiff and that (together with the half stop) makes it hard to flick out the blade without some serious wrist action. Regular slow opening works just fine.
- The clip isn't reversible for left side carry (despite the dual thumb studs).
- Lacks gimping and a finger choil IMO (especially for a non-locking blade).

I really like this knife for quality, materials, features and above all the amazing value it provides.
It is one of the best options for budget EDC IMO and I plan to carry it a lot.

I got the knife here (official Sanrenmu dealer): Sanrenmu 9165
More Sanrenmu knives on GearBest: Sanrenmu Knives on GearBest
And even Amazon: Sanrenmu Knives on Amazon

Action demo:

Thanks for reading, hope to see you soon on another review.


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