Best Budget Knives: Kershaw TX Tool Review - Budget (Knife Disassembly) Screwdriver

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Kershaw TX Tool Review - Budget (Knife Disassembly) Screwdriver

The Kershaw TX Tool arrives in a branded cardboard box and includes an aluminum body with a magnetic head and 5 bits - 3 torxes (#6 #8 and #10), a flat head and a Phillips (cross) head.


- Easy to carry: the bits are conveniently stored inside the body of the screwdriver, it's relatively light and small plus has a decent pocket clip that could be removed if needed.
- Easy to use: feels good (safe) in the hand and has good grip (due to the knurling and the deep grooves).
- The bits are of good quality and steel(relatively to the price of the tool) and don't strip easily. A big plus is that the tool fits standard 4mm bits so could be replaced quite easily if needed.
- The magnetic head works really well and the magnet is pretty strong that it can hold small and medium sized knife screws (which is really important when performing knife maintenance).
- Can hold up to 8 bits total (7 inside the body and one in the head). 
- Budget price for a branded tool.
- Not that it is important but it looks pretty well for a budget tool as well.
- I was missing the #7 and #9 bits that are frequently used in all sorts of knives (not Kershaw knives though). So I got an inexpensive torx set made by Flexsteel (also decent quality) and added these to the kit.
- The disadvantage of storing the bits inside the handle is that you kinda have to spill all of them into the hand or on the table, pick the one you need and return the others inside. That wastes a few seconds of your time and increases the chance of lost pieces.
- If you only carry stock bits - they rattle a bit inside the handle (so not fitted for stealth ninjas :) )
- This tool has great value and is well made but it's biggest advantage IMO are the mobility and that it doesn't take lots of space.
Will serve well as a usable tool at knife meetups, while travelling, as an additional tool for those double sided pivots or for folks who disassemble small screws at work (like electronics technicians).

Kershaw TX Tool is available here (US): Kershaw TX Tool

Or here (international shipping): Kershaw TX Tool IL

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