Best Budget Knives: Best stores to get knives and gear during the AliExpress 10th Anniversary Sale

Saturday, March 28, 2020

Best stores to get knives and gear during the AliExpress 10th Anniversary Sale

Like every year AliExpress are celebrating their anniversary and this time it is even more special because its been 10 years since the company was established so they seem to be giving even more coupons and deals than usual.

If you're looking for the best deals please visit their Coupon Center where you could pick some individually matched coupons based on your purchase and search history and go thorough a Time Capsule which gives you some data about your purchases on the platform and the ability to get a gift in the end of the process (I got $5 off a $35 purchase which I used to get a Kizer Mini Sheepdog).

Other than that I'd like to recommend some stores which participate in this sale and have some great discounts on knives and other EDC gear:

1. Kizer Knife Store: Trusted and proven store which sells genuine Kizer knives cheaper than their usual price at other popular platforms (KnifeCenter, BladeHQ) and always take part in the sales.
I've bought several knives from them and most have been top notch (one was defected but replaced via their warranty).

2. TwoSun Cutlery Store: Large selection of TwoSun knives with good prices if you don't want to bid for them on eBay but also pens and other EDC gear most made out of titanium.

3. Tangram Official Store: Just like the big brother Kizer, Tangram offer their knives cheaper than in US (not including coupons) and with free worldwide shipping. Also tested and worth to take a look.

4. ROFIS store: Sell large selection of Nitecore flashlight for great prices

5. NitecoreLight & FenixLight Distributor Store: Nitecore and Fenix flashlights with good discounts

6. Knife Center Store: Have no connection to the US knife giant but have a large selection of Brother Knives which have resurrected from the dead with many new fixed blades and classic style knives (slipjoints and lockbacks).

 7. CN Knives Store: Have large selection of less knoan but nevertheless good quality and high value brands who design their own knives such as CH Knives, Yon Xanadu and Petrified Fish.

8. NY EDC Store: Good selection of (mainly titanium) EDC tools, beads, tritium probes and other cool every day carry accessories.

Other honerable mentions: Sanrenmu Store, Ganzo Store

Have any additional stores you shop from and  would like to recommend?
Please add them in the comments below.
Happy shopping and stay safe!

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