Best Budget Knives: Ganzo Firebird FH81 - Step back?!

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Ganzo Firebird FH81 - Step back?!

Ganzo have released yet another new model in their newer FH series - the Ganzo Firebird FH81.
ganzo knife fh81
This is their first knife which features a "wave" feature (allows a folding knife to be drawn and opened in one motion using a hook on the top of the blade which catches the end of the pocket) and second knife with a cleaver (DAO) style blade.

Other than that it's pretty much standard for Ganzo at this point - 3D milled G10 handle (4 color options including a new grey one), steel liners and a linerlock, D2 steel (tested and proved), and a deep carry pocket clip.

Well, color me unimpressed.

This is of course my own opinion but I'm kinda disappointed in Ganzo over this.

They had a great run with the FH series making original designs with great value and quality and now they go and screw it all up to make a Krudo style knife?!

I mean nothing personal against Krudo Knives but that is probably the most Gas Station, Mall Ninja knife style out there and it would be the last on my list to clone (not a direct copy but definitely the same style).

My advise to Ganzo - you don't have to copy anything that is made in your China factory, stick to original designs, you were doing very well so far, don't screw it up!

So although I do believe this model will find its fans within the gear community (heck, someone out there buying M-Techs, Z-Hunters etc) but I personally hope Ganzo will change their advisers and fix this with their next model.

Knife is available here:

Krudo knives here:
More (probably better) knives with a wave feature here:

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